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Молодежный лагерь с детьми


Taevaskoja Youth Camp POLVA

25.06 - 09.07

13.07 - 28.07

30.07 - 06.08

11.08 - 19.08 

4 volunteers for each project

Taevaskoja Youth Camp is adventurous hiking camp that has been active for 24 years. The aim of Taevaskoja camp is tosupport children’s development through non-formal education. During the youth camp kids participate in different workshops about health, safety, culture and enjoy climbing and hiking activities. Taevaskoja is located in South-Estonia, about 230 km from Tallinn. The camp site is very close to the one of the most popular natural touristic place – Suur Taevaskoda (TheLarge Heaven’s Hall), surrounded by beautiful forest and close to the one of the longest rivers in Estonia. Such location brings children closer to unspoiled nature and gives them an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Estonian national heritage richly presented in the area. The camp aims also to develop children’s knowledges about different cultures andsupport the growth of tolerance. To do that Taevaskoja Youth Camp invites international volunteers to join the camp as animators. Children come to Taevaskoja camp from all over Estonia. Most of them have basic knowledge of English and are very happy to have a chance to practice it. More information on www.taevaskoja.ee/taevaskoja-noortelaager/ Camp has several periods with different age groups of kids.


Each day of the camp will have a program completed by local coordinators and the volunteers will be helping to realize it. We expect that volunteers would lead workshops connected with their culture (traditional dances, games, everyday life, food etc). The main activities will be intercultural learning through finding differences and similarities between Estonia and countries, where volunteers come from (history, traditions, language, singing, dancing, etc). It will be done through games, drama, sport, discussions. We expect active volunteers with the good knowledge of history and culture of their country and ability to present it. After placement volunteers will be contacted by organizers to get involved in the preparation of the program before arrival to Estonia. Volunteer will work in partnership with professional local youth workers – 9 staff members.


In the same house with kids, separate room for volunteers and staff members (2-3 people in the same room). Volunteers will eat together with children and staff in the canteen. Showers, toilets and Wi-Fi are available.


Taevaskoja is a tiny village in South-Estonia with 90 habitants. However during summer period it is one of the most visited natural sightseeing places. Distance from Tallinn is 230 km. http://www.taevaskoja.ee/taevaskoja-loodus https://www.visitestonia.com/en/suur-ja-vaike-taevaskoda-sandstone-outcrops


Airport, harbour, bus station in Tallinn or Riga (capital of Latvia). From these cities it is easy to travel to Tartu by bus. From Tartu you can come to Taevaskoja by bus or train. If needed we can pick you up in Tartu by car.

Special requirements
You have to love kids and be really motivated to work with them. The work demands 24-hours commitment and it can be pretty hard sometimes. Weekend is not free! Experience in work with children is an advantage. We expect active volunteers with the good knowledge of history and culture of their country and ability to present it. All exciting ideas of activities for kids, games etc are welcome. Good ability to communicate in English is necessary and knowledge of Russian may be useful. The age of participants is 20-30.

Leisure time

Plenty of possibilities: hiking, swimming, sunbathing, sports, games, excursions to the places of interest in the area.

Participation fee

We ask participants to contribute 30 Euro each towards the costs of general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your sending organization for solution.

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