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Environmental Education

Project No.: RC-MTV-ENV-1/17: Environmental Education

Period: January 2018 – February 2019

Age: 18+ Location: Solan- Rural and Slum Communities around Baddi township

Placement: Placement is offered for 3 months to up to 6 months. Joining dates: Volunteers can join from any Monday during the project cycle.

Background: Baddi is an industrial area. Economically poor people migrated to the area in search of jobs and established their temporary settlements. These settlements are devoid of even basic amenities and hence called “slums”. Industries and increased human population is pressurizing the already depleting natural resources and causing a serious environmental, health & sanitation problem.

Work: This project aims to protect our environment using creative education. Local community and environment are inter-related and depend on each other for survival. Therefore education of local community towards social and economic benefit of environment is vital for their coexistence.

Based in rural environment volunteers will familiarize themselves with local environment and life. They shall be visiting local schools, SHG’s, local community gathering and even organise an environmental workshop to disseminate environmental awareness and good practices.

Working closely with local youth following tasks shall be undertaken:

1. Using creative art as a medium to disseminate environmental awareness.

2. Working with eco clubs in local schoolsby assisting and coordinating their activities.

3. Mobilising youth towards environmental protection.

4. Educate people on environmental concerns like Global warming, climate change, depletion of natural resources, etc. We believe, innovation is key to success therefore volunteers with prior experience in related work are welcome to bring in new ideas.

Accommodation: Accommodation is on sharing basis with common toilets and bath.

Food: Food offered will be simple authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly cooked. Three meals a day will be served/provided. Assistance while cooking is desired of volunteers. Volunteers are free to cook meals of their country choice on every Sunday.


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