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Project: Environmental

Period: January 2018 to February 2019

Age: 18+ Location: Aborlan District, in Palawan

Placement: Placement is offered for periods ranging from 1 week to 6 months

Background: Volunteers on the Environmental project will have the privilege of working to restore and conserve the amazing environment that Palawan is famous for. Volunteers will work within the mangrove area around the Tigman village mangrove area. The focus of this project is mangrove rehabilitation as these have seen a decline in recent years. Mangroves provide habitat for nursing fish and other marine life as well as many native birds, including the Palawan fruit bat. Mangroves are not just positive for nature, they also serve as coastal barriers, slowing storm surge and reducing beach erosion. Work on the environmental project is based around three core tasks. The first and main task is mangrove rehabilitation and mangrove replanting which is typically done for three days of the working week. Another day is spent in the local schools or within the local community educating them on the effects that rubbish/litter can have on the environment. There is also an opportunity to educate the local schools and community around the rehabilitation work you will be doing with the mangroves. On a Tuesday or Thursday, volunteers work doing rubbish clean ups in the local area particularly along the beach - this is also a great opportunity to involve the local schools or community. Work on the project can become repetitive however there is plenty of opportunity for volunteers to take initiative and the local schools are always willing to get involved and assist when required. This project is great for volunteers who love the outdoors and are looking to serve the Palawan community and environment.

Orientation: Orientation is hosted by our Philippines team in Aborlan, on Palawan, and begins on the morning of your chosen start date and runs for the first 5 days of your stay. This covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in the Philippines – Introduction to the Philippines, Culture and Customs, Rules and Expectations, Safety, Travel Opportunities, Introduction to Project and Placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details. The orientation schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Introduction to the IVHQ Philippines program and local staff, including rules and expectations as well as covering health & safety information and requirements. In the afternoon, volunteers will head off on a walking tour of the local village.
Day 2: In the morning, volunteers will participate in Language classes, learning some basic local Tagalog. After lunch, volunteers will prepare souvenir bracelets and participate in a Filipino Cooking Class which will be dinner!
Day 3: Volunteers will visit the downtown Puerto Princesa with a visit to the butterfly park, a visit to the famous local church and memorial park. After lunch in Puerto Princesa, volunteers will visit Palawan Museum followed by some shopping time at the local shopping mall.
Day 4: After breakfast, volunteers will visit Nara, the local township and have a chance to experience the local market here. After lunch in Nara volunteers will spend time refreshing at a nearby waterfall and watering hole for a chance to swim and relax. In the evening, volunteers will meet about the upcoming placements and receive the placement specific orientation.
Day 5: The morning will see volunteers visiting a nearby sandbar island for time to swim and relax in a beautiful setting. In the afternoon, volunteers will have a chance to observe current volunteers at their placement before preparing for their upcoming week.

Please note, this schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on the needs of the project, local and weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.


Volunteer schedule

First Day: On the first day of the volunteering placement, you will be escorted to the project by our local staff and introduced to the staff at the project you will be working with.

Weekdays: While our programs are flexible and can be fitted to your requirements, a typical day is as follows:

8.00AM Breakfast with fellow volunteers.

9.00 - 11/11.30AM Volunteers work at their placement

11/11.30AM Volunteers break for lunch. If volunteers are unable to return to the volunteer accommodation, they will be given a packed lunch.

1.30 - 2PM Work at the placement resumes (except Kindergarten volunteers, who use their afternoons to prepare for the following day)

3.30 - 4PM Work ends, and volunteers have free time

5 - 6.00PM Dinner with fellow volunteers.

Please note this schedule varies from project to project.


Accomadation: Volunteers are accommodated in dormitory style accommodation, located within Tigman Village, where the IVHQ local office is based. Volunteers should expect sparsely furnished accommodation and to share their room with up to 5 other volunteers of the same gender. The accommodation provides air-conditioning in the bedrooms, a shared bathroom with western toilets and bucket showers with cold running water (nice and refreshing in the hot weather!). A fridge is available to store personal items and an area for hand washing laundry. Bedding is provided and includes a bottom sheet, thin blanket and a pillow.

While there are some 3G WiFi dongles for volunteers to connect to, it is extremely limited and you shouldn’t expect to have the speed you are used to at home. There is much better reception and internet available from some of the nearby villages (10 - 15 minute drive) or in Puerto Princesa City (60 – 90 minute drive). For those volunteers wanting more comfortable accommodation or a private room, these can be arranged at a nearby guesthouse once on the program and our local staff will be happy to assist with this. Volunteers can expect to pay between PHP800 to PHP1000 (around US$15 to US$40) per night for private accommodation.

Meals: Volunteers are served three meals on weekdays (breakfast, lunch and dinner), with two meals provided on the weekends. Breakfast consists of bread and spreads with tea or coffee, while lunch and dinner consist of local Filipino cuisine. Rice is a staple in the Philippines and most meals will include a portion of rice, accompanied by two or more dishes which will be a combination of vegetables, meat or seafood cooked in local spices and sauces.

Weekends and travel:  During the weekend, volunteers have free time to relax and explore the local area, or travel further afield. There are plenty of things to do and see around Palawan and volunteers are able to go white water rafting, visit local markets or relax poolside. For those volunteers interested in travelling further afield there are many great destinations to choose from including El Nido, Coron and many other nearby islands around Palawan. There are also many near our program location as well with volunteers able to enjoy a relaxing weekend by the beach, downtown Puerto Princesa to get your city fix or trekking up mount Tundalara or Ugong.


Lenght of program and Fees: 

Length of program

    Program Fee $USD

1 week


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


5 weeks


6 weeks


8 weeks


10 weeks


12 weeks


16 weeks


20 weeks


24 weeks



  •  24/7 in-country support
  •  Airport pick-up
  •  Program orientation
  •  Volunteer placement
  •  Accommodation
  •  Meals
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